The Ideas Partnership

TIP is a community centre which provides education, health and much more to a poor community through classes, health clinics and other projects.

Where is it

Fushe Kosovo and Janjeva, Kosovo

What will I be doing?

TIP focuses on education, health and support for income generation schemes for the poorest women. Volunteers are needed to support education initiatives such as providing literacy, maths, english and arts classes and kindergarten education. The health activities include vaccination campaigns, ante-natal classes for pregnant women, and palliative care and physiotherapy sessions for children with special needs. Volunteers are also needed with skills to support micro-finance programs focusing on handicrafts, small-scale gardening initiatives and rural tourism.

What impact would I have?

The Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian community have a 96% illiteracy rate and volunteers will help to reduce this. Volunteers will support these communities to improve access to health, education and micro-finance which they may otherwise not have access to and thus improving their quality of life.

Who would I be working with?

Children, young people, pregnant women, children with special needs and adults.

Minimum Age



TIP does not have on site accommodation. Volunteers can stay at local hostels (from €10 per night), hotels (from €25 per night) or apartments.

Minimum time

1 week

Extra Costs

Meals and transport.