Holly Penalver
CEO & Founder
I work closely with the board of trustees focussing on strategy, budget, team coordination and so on. But as we are a small organisation, I take on many roles!
Natasa Economou
Chief Operations Officer
I deal with the day to day operations of the charity. I ensure activities are running smoothly and efficiently and am always working on ways to improve how we work.
Katrina de Massey
As Chairlady, I help steer the indiGO ship! I ensure that the board functions effectively, provide support to the CEO and represent indiGO externally where required.
Natasha Doughty
Board of Trustees
As secretary, I ensure that our board meetings are effectively organised and minuted. I am also responsible that indiGO is fulfilling it's purposes.
Kelly Chu
Board of Trustees & Fundraising Coordinator
As well as being a member on the Board of Trustees, I am also Fundraising Coordinator which means I help raise money to help us keep ticking.
Carys Arthey
Board of Trustees
As a member of the Board of Trustees, I guide the charity on it's direction & strategy, supporting to ensure it developes in-line with it's values and mission.
Jonny Page
Project Manger
I help indiGO with any projects that need doing. So far I have written grants, helped fundraise and built the site you are looking at!
Bee Marhoon
Development Team Lead
I am the Lead Volunteer Coordinator for the Development Team. I match volunteers, work closely with projects and help problem solve.
Aoife Smyth
Volunteer Coordinator
I am a volunteer coordinator for the Development Team and my role is to manage all elements of volunteering on behalf of the organisation for which I am recruiting volunteers.
Kirsty Petrides
Chief Storyteller
Formally, I’m the PR and Communications Manager - but I prefer Chief Storyteller, because my job involves sharing all of indiGO’s amazing stories with the world.
Jose Rains
Head of Social Media
I am responsible for ensuring we have regular and interesting content on all our social media channels.
Ellsie Hewer
Programme Manager
I manage the refugee and migrant team which helps to connect volunteers to projects across the Balkans. Since moving back to the UK, I have also taken on a Project Management role 🙂
Sophie Rihm
Volunteer Coordinator
Volunteer Coordinator - Refugee & Migrant Team. I am working in Greece and am in charge of anything to do with the volunteers until they are placed with a project!
Molly Dignan
Project Coordinator
Project Coordinator - Refugee & Migrant Team. I get to spend my time building relationships with incredible projects and matchinng them with the right volunteers.
Eric Boscia
Creative Director
I make sure everything that IndiGO creates looks amazing, from the branding to the social media.
Dani Sanger
Marketing / Social Media Assistant
I work alongside the social media team to help with daily posts, artwork and social media campaigns.
Jordan Hallpike
Newletter Editor
I'm mainly a sounding board for ideas, but I also offer advice and consultation in marketing and deliver the monthly newsletter.