What we do in Greece, Serbia & Bosnia

indiGO Volunteers is responding to the refugee crisis predominantly in Greece but also in Serbia & Bosnia, with a coordination team based in Greece, who are in constant contact with grassroots projects and the wider community.

This team looks to understand the volunteer needs of the the grassroots projects and connects them with independent volunteers looking for ways to help.

We work with 50 grassroots projects that are filling gaps in basic aid in camps, running community centres, mobile medical support, social support, education, goods distribution, providing legal advice and so much more.

By connecting and coordinating volunteer placements it enables the grassroots projects to spend less time organising and looking for volunteers and more time helping people affected by the continued crisis.


indiGO Volunteers works in collaboration with Help Refugees to coordinate volunteers for more than 40 grassroots projects predominantly in Greece, but also in Serbia & Bosnia. We recognize that it is difficult to independently find a volunteer placement that makes the most of your time and experience, so we are bridging the gap for FREE! Our role is to match up the skills and availability of volunteers to grassroots projects that need them.

We are currently looking for volunteers that are;

– 18 years old +

– available to start within the next 8 weeks*

– available to volunteer for 2 weeks or more, or live locally and can work part-time**

*Due to the ever-changing situation on the ground means it is not possible for us to accept volunteers registering to start more than 8 weeks in advance. If you would like to apply further in advance, please email us and we’ll assess your case individually.

Anyone can register and we will do our best to find a placement. Please note that the grassroot projects working in this field are completely reliant on dependable volunteers. Whilst the work is voluntary and self-funded, the commitment is real.

To apply to volunteer, simply complete the application form below. Please fill the application form as best as you can, including as much information as possible. For us and the projects it is important to get a full picture of who is applying, which makes the process easier and quicker to find you the right placement.





A key piece of trip preparation is informing yourself about the situation on the ground. Get background information and keep up-to-date with news and updates. Join our facebook group page for up dates on volunteer roles and indiGO in Greece > HERE

We suggested you take a look at the ‘Volunteer Guidance’ for on how you will be expected to behave when working in the field & take a look at the following videos to ensure you have a good basic knowledge of the crisis.

What does it mean to be a refugee? – YouTube video 6 minutes long

The European Crisis & Syria explained – YouTube video 6 minutes long

We also recommend you review the following sites:

1. UNHCR – Mediterranean Situation
2. Refugee.info
Refugee.info aims to help refugees in Europe access services and exercise their rights. It has loads of helpful information about living in Europe as a refugee. You can also join their facebook page 

Join the relevant information point facebook groups for your placement: