As an independent volunteer you are expected to organise and cover the flights, transport, accommodation & activities outside of the project.

When you have registered and confirm the start and end dates that you are available for and your flexibility on your placement location, indiGO will start to look at projects you may be able to support. We will then introduce you to coordinators of projects we feel might fit with your availability and skills.

Your Project Placement

It is important you find out all about what the project does and what you would be doing on your placement before accepting the role. You can even ask to speak to a previous volunteer from the project, to get a better understanding of what to expect.

The projects and coordinators we introduce you to, should be able to provide you with key information on…

    • Accommodation
    • Transport (local & international)
    • What to pack
    • Budgeting
    • General expectations / Code of Conduct
    • Welfare & looking after you
      • General destination information

      Travel publishers like the LONELY PLANET or ROUGH GUIDE are a great source of information to learn about the location of your volunteer placement.

      Thessaloniki – view here >

      Athens – view here >

      Belgrade – view here >

      • Accommodation

      As an independent volunteer you are expected to pay for accommodation. We suggest you do not book accommodation before you know which project you will be supporting. Your project coordinator will be able to recommend accommodation other volunteers have used. In some cases, after arriving to volunteer, if you are staying long-term projects can offer accommodation. Always register for the amount of time you can afford to support yourself.

      • Budgeting

      As an independent volunteer you are expected to pay the cost of transport, accommodation & living expenses outside of the project. Deciding your budget (outside of accommodation), we would recommend around 80€ per week as an average, but of course this depends on your lifestyle… eating out, going for coffee/drinks, going on trips, shopping, etc. This will obviously again depend on your project location, but it hopefully gives you an idea.

      • General Expectations / Code of Conduct

      A project will take you through an induction clearly explaining the expectations they have of you whilst in your role and they will ask you to sign a code of conduct, specific to the work of your placement. We suggested you take a look at this very general ‘Code of Conduct’ so you are aware of what may be expected of you – view here >

      • Welfare & looking after you

      Helping responsibly also means taking care of your own health and well being. As a volunteer, you may be affected by what you experience in a crisis situation. It is important to pay extra attention to your own well being and be sure that you are physically and emotionally able to help others.

      We suggest you read the follow two page sheet to help you prepare for your volunteer placement – read here >