Refugees and Migrants

The refugee crisis of recent years sparked a surge of independent volunteer groups making their way to Europe’s southern edges to respond to the needs of those fleeing war, persecution and poverty. Indigo has been on the ground since 2016, working alongside our friends at Help Refugees to assist grassroots volunteer organisations in providing vital services ranging from shelter, basic aid and medical support, to education, activity programmes and legal assistance. In comparison to our development programme, volunteering with refugees and migrants is a more immediate affair: the humanitarian nightmare on Europe’s doorstep might not make the headlines anymore, but the situation is arguably deteriorating, and the need for volunteer-powered NGOs to relieve the burden and fill urgent gaps remains as necessary as ever. Working with displaced people is not for the faint-hearted; volunteers should expect to work in a less established setting, with projects ranging from professional and organised to inexperienced and hectically improvising their way through an utterly unpredictable crisis.

We currently support over 50 projects, working on the Greek islands (Lesvos, Samos and Chios), in camps and community centres across the Greek mainland, and in smaller crisis areas such as Serbia, Bosnia and France.

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