1. What is your role at Indigo?

Lead Coordinator for Refugee & Migrant Team, helping to connect volunteers to projects across the Balkans while supporting coordinators who are running the projects.

2. Tell us a bit more about you

Hello! My name is Ellsie, since the age of 17 I have been volunteering across the world living and exploring new countries. I love to be outdoors, giggling with friends and making magical memories.

3. What inspired you to be part of Team Indigo?

After being a volunteer in the field I was really curious to see how the other side of the coin worked, I wanted to understand the process further and to have a larger outreach. How do volunteers end up in the field, and who helps to guide them there? It is also super inspiring to work alongside such resilient and courageous women who encouraged and welcomed me into this adventure!

4. Tell us an important fact about you!

I still need parental guidance to cook a meal.

5. What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

Climbing, exploring, reading!

6. What is one of your bad habits?

I am an avid napper!

7. Favourite quote/poem/song

‘I am a brutally soft woman.’ Nayyirah Waheed

8. What did you want to be when you were growing up?

A hairdresser!

9. If you had 5 minutes in a room with Donald Trump, Theresa May, Boris Johnson what would you do or say?

Krav Maga

10. After taking the archetype test, what were your top archetypes?

Caregiver, Explorer and Intellectual.