This page is a selection of ethical gifts you can buy direct from the organisations we work with. You can buy them all year round and for every occasion. It’s easy – just browse our unique catalogue of ethical products and services, knowing that your money is going to a good cause whilst treating you and your loved ones.

Each gift idea in our catalogue serves at least one cause and supports local communities around the world. You can follow the links to learn more about the stories behind each gift below.



Indigo Volunteers are proud to launch our brand new fundraising apparel range – hUmanITY.
Teaming up with the talented designer Roz to create this ethically produced, organic range; signifying unity through humanity.

With a range of styles and colours, the hUmaNITY range by Indigo Volunteers starts at £25, with all profits going towards helping Indigo to continue in uniting volunteers with humanitarian organisations around the globe.

This campaign is now over and we raised £816!

Keep your eyes peeled for more Humanity campaigns in 2020!

No Good Deed

Retreat West Books is a small, environmentally and socially conscious independent press, publishing great novels, short stories and memoirs. On the theme of ‘Help’ Retreat West Books are raising funds for Indigo where all the proceeds of this book will be donated straight to the charity!

No Good Deed is a book full of  funny, heart wrenching, surreal and uplifting stories. From afternoon drinking opera singers and a son saving toads for his father, to a woman hiding a refugee boy in her garden shed and a homeless man being given a hand of friendship, help is shown in many different ways.

Featuring stories from Clare Harvey, Susmita Bhattacharya, Joanna Campbell, Amanda Huggins, Rosie Garland, Meg Pokrass and many more, this anthology will make you laugh, cry and want to go straight out and help someone in anyway you can.

Buy the book here!

Life Less Ordinary Bracelets

Life Less Ordinary was born from a passion for travel and a desire to do good. They create ethical, personalised and cruelty-free jewellery made from tagua seed. Tagua seed is known as vegetable ivory because it is tough and durable yet totally cruelty free. Being ethical is at the heart of everything they do and they partner with suppliers and companies who are fair trade, pay living wages and guarantee safe working environments.

Each piece of jewellery is handmade in Brighton, UK at Stanmer Craft Museum and they make a charity donation for every bracelet sold. 

For each item bought Life Less Ordinary donated 10% of their profits to us and the Black Mambas Anti Poaching Unit! By buying something from Life Less Ordinary you are not only treating yourself, but doing good too!

Visit Life Less Ordinary website

Indigo does not take any money from the sale of the following gifts – all money spent on these items goes directly to that organisation to support communities across the globe. We are just here to spread visibility of these wonderful organisations and hopefully inspire you, so that when you wish to buy a gift, you buy an ethical one.

Choose Love Shop

Run by charity organisation, Help Refugees, this online shop has loads of great gifts to buy for those less fortunate. You can buy emergency blankets, clothes and warm socks for refugees spending this Christmas on the road. And what’s better, you can buy them on behalf of your loved ones. For those in London and New York, they’ll also have pop-up stores for Christmas 2018.

Visit Choose Love website 

Dalit Candles

In India for over 3000 years the caste system has meant that if you were born as one of the 250 million Dalits, also known as untouchables or outcastes, then your opportunities in life are extremely limited. The social limitations to this class includes education, health-care, employment and even places of worship. As a result of this hierarchical social class pyramid imagine how difficult it is to be an orphan amongst the Dalits – with no one to look out for them in a country where social services don’t exist and there are very few orphanages that could care for them.

Their beautiful candle pots are handcrafted in the Dharavi slum in Mumbai by skilled Dalit potters. This work is reserved for the low caste as anything associated with the earth is considered lowly employment under the caste system of India. The pots are filled with blended beeswax and combine Eastern skill with Western design to make a great gift. Their new range of Indian spices is also now available on their website

All the profits from the sale of Dalit candles go towards their work amongst the poor of India.

Visit Dalit website


Migrateful helps refugees and asylum seekers on their journey to employment and independence and promotes integration. It runs cookery classes led by migrant chefs struggling to integrate and access employment due to legal and linguistic barriers. The cookery classes provide ideal conditions not just for learning English and building confidence but also for promoting contact with the wider community. Migrateful works with three groups, all facing common issues, but with their own particular circumstances.

Migrateful’s mission is to empower and celebrate refugees and vulnerable migrants on their journey to integration by supporting them to run their own cookery classes.

So why not buy a Migrateful cookery class voucher for your friends and family!

£35 per voucher – enabling the giftee to book onto one of our open classes (running most weeks in 2018) with the chef of their choice. We are now offering 13 cuisines: Afghan, Iranian, Lebanese, Egyptian, Tunisian, Albanian, Eritrean, Ethiopian, Nigerian, Pakistani, Bengali, Cuban and Ecuadorian – that’s more cuisines than months of the year! Or for £280 you can buy someone a private class with all equipment, ingredients, chef and helpers coming to the giftee’s house to lead a cookery class for the giftee and up to seven of their friends.

Visit Migrateful website

Kids Club Kampala

The aim of Kids Club Kampala is to bring hope and love to vulnerable children and to transform poor communities in the urban slums in and surrounding Kampala, Uganda. Kids Club Kampala was set up to overcome the lack of hope and self-esteem of children living in situations of extreme poverty, and works to bring about sustainable changes through various development projects and supporting basic needs.

They currently reach over 4000 children and their families every week, working with people who come from extremely poor households. The conditions in Kampala’s slums are shocking. People face problems of overcrowding, poor sanitation, insufficient shelter and food insecurity on a daily basis. Many families survive on just one meal per day and cannot afford to send their children to school. In addition to this many children have been orphaned, neglected or simply abandoned as a result of poverty or sickness.

You can support their work by buying one of their products from the link below and treasure it knowing it has been lovingly made by the people who Kids Club Kampala Supports! So treat yourself to a new African-Style Tablet Cover, or how about those beautiful African-Print Oven Gloves? So many wonderful things to chose from!

Visit Kids Club Kampala website

Supporting Dalit Children

The Dalit community in India, also known as ‘The Untouchables’, sit on the lowest rung of India’s social ladder and make up a quarter of the population – 250 million in total. The word ‘Dalit’ comes from the Hindi language and means ‘broken’ or ‘crushed’. It is a word chosen recently by the Dalits themselves as it adequately describes their status. This in itself is a small, but progressive step towards their acknowledgement that the way they are treated within their own society is wrong.

Supporting Dalit Children focus on the education of the Dalit Communities. They believe that education is the fundamental key for the Dalit children of today and their future generations. Xavier school and Kapepaladi school are already actively lifting Dalit children out of their poverty and oppression and this is why the charity supports them by sponsoring the education and boarding costs of as many of their children as possible.

All the proceeds from their products go directly towards educating another Dalit Child. This is definitely the place to buy your Christmas cards with a selection of beautiful designs, and our personal favourite, the bone china mugs – stunning.

Visit Dalit Children website

Gandys London

Born from a simple idea at a music festival, Gandys was created by brothers Rob and Paul. With a bohemian upbringing travelling and volunteering all over the world, the brothers wanted to create something unique and driven by their personal passion after the tragic loss of their parents in a tsunami whilst the family was travelling.

The brothers founded Gandys with the vision of creating a sustainable social enterprise that would help but also inspire others to create change. They produce apparel, luggage and footwear for men and women, and their principle commitment is to use a portion of all profits to help disadvantaged children through the registered charity, Gandys Foundation. Gandys Foundation supports children in need of basic essentials such as shelter, nutrition, medication and education.

Visit Gandys London website


Ethical Addictions Coffee

Ethical Addictions Coffee is a passionate coffee company supplying excellent produce direct from farms. They place a high value on the quality of their coffee, how it is sourced and the service given to their customers.

Ethical Addictions currently work with producers in Tanzania and Brazil. They set up in 2006, and through their relationships with farms and villages, soon realised the poorest and most vulnerable workers were the ones most easily slipping through the system.

They work directly, and buy directly from these farms and villages. They offer complete transparency of the whole bean to brew process, not just traceability. It is easy to trace a source but information on how much farmers are paid and what conditions they have is elusive. The team at Ethical Addictions know the names of every single one of their farmers and can tell you exactly how much each is paid. They are also focused on the environment to preserve our great planet, natural habitats, and a future for us all.

Visit Ethical Addictions website

On Call Africa – Global Giving

On Call Africa aims to conduct on the spot medical care in rural areas by the use of mobile medical clinics, provide health education to local populations and work towards a system of sustainable medical care in target areas.

On Call Africa provide medical services for thousands of people in Zambia’s rural Southern Provence, people who would otherwise have little or no access to essential health services.

Zambia is a landlocked country in sub-Saharan Africa. There is a massive shortage of healthcare personnel in Zambia with 1 doctor to every 14,000 people. Several rural communities are in desperate need of healthcare, lying several kilometres from existing health facilities. These communities face enormous challenges including inadequate water supply and malnutrition.

On Call Africa mobile clinics have the capacity to treat a number of common complaints and diagnose many conditions including HIV, Malaria, STIs & pregnancy without requiring patients to travel to outstretched health centres. Dedicated antenatal and child health services make sure mothers and children are healthy during and after pregnancy.

If you want to buy someone a gift that is not a physical present, you can chose to donate towards things like rehydration therapy for children, pneumonia treatment for babies or malaria tests.

Visit Call Africa website