Habibi Works

Where is it?

Katsikas, central Greece

What will I be doing?

You will be sharing your skills & helping to run workshops for adults living in Katsikas camp. Habibi works is a “makerspace” – a space for open workshops. Workshops include metal and wood workshop, sewing and creative atelier, a community kitchen and a media lab. These working areas are platforms for education, creativity and empowerment.

What impact would I have?

When volunteering with Habibi Works you are working to inspire people to ‘be a maker.’ Being a maker wipes off the stigma of being passive or helpless and offers hard working and caring individuals create new opportunities. The approach of creating solutions instead of waiting for solutions has an incomparable impact on people’s current living situation and on their motivation to continue. This education and motivation is seen to increase their confidence to build an independent life within the European societies. 

Who would I be working with?

You will be working with Greek locals, camp residents and other volunteers.

Minimum Age

18 +


Habibi works volunteer Accommodation is free of charge

Minimum time

3 weeks minimum

Extra Costs

Food is also covered by Habibi works, so you will only need personal spending money.