I AM YOU provides vital assistance to refugees in Greece

Where is it?

Ritsona Refugee Camp (20 minutes away from Chalkida, Greece)

Nearest airport


About the project

I AM YOU is a 501(c)(3) fiscally sponsored non-profit working with people who have fled war and persecution. The team provides a continuous presence on the ground, working tirelessly to resolve real-time needs. They focus on creating a sense of reconnection to regular life through vital assistance with translation, health care, and legal support, as well as play, creativity and learning.


What will I be doing?

Currently there are three programs running, all focusing on education:

  • A pre-school designed for displaced children to experience a normal childhood experience. Through various pre-school activities, children aged 2 and 3 are equipped to deal with the academic and emotional demands of formal education starting at age 4.  
  • The children’s program is designed for displaced school-aged children to experience a stable transition into the Greek formal education system. After school activities are aimed at facilitating language support and behaviour management skills support Ritsona’s primary aged children navigate the pressures of school life.
  • English Education for adults four times a day plus one additional class in the camps Female Friendly Space. It is important that language lessons are taught in order for the residents to communicate basic needs and wants, interact socially after they leave camp and equip themselves with the tools they will need for the future.

What impact would I have?

You would be providing access to education for those who are in need. Additionally, you would be providing children with a safe structured space, and activities for adults

Who would I be working with?

Syrian, Iraqi, Turkish, Kurdish, Arabic and African residents plus an international team of volunteers and staff

Minimum Age


Minimum time

6 weeks


Provided with a fee or the project will assist in finding somewhere nearby

Extra Costs

  • Transport to and from Chalkida
  • Living costs