InterVolve is a flexible and dedicated team taking grassroots action to ensure that human rights are accessible for everyone.

Where is it?

Thessaloniki and Thessaly, Greece

Nearest airport


About the project

As a result of seeing serious emerging needs, and gaps in provision, charity InterVolve opened Ìrida, a Multicultural Women’s Centre that can support women in Thessaloniki (and their families) for years to come. This is the only women’s centre in Northern Greece, on in a camp setting in two locations. Ìrida is a Greek word meaning spectrum or every shade of colour that makes up light. 

InterVolve envision Ìrida to be a safe, welcoming, participatory space, where women feel a sense of belonging and respect. At Ìrida individuals and communities can access the information, support, social connections, space and resources they need to make choices, to meet their needs, to bond, to develop and to survive and thrive. 

What will I be doing?

At Irida Multicultural Women’s Centre (Thessaloniki)

  • Activities Support Trainer: you will be managing a safe and beneficial provision to run activities while promoting women’s and children’s wellbeing and development. You will additionally oversee the activity rooms, as well as plan and implement programs and events according to need.

In Thessaly (camp setting)

  • Be part of the team that runs nine activities daily, including the Free Shop, Open English Conversation Club, Workshops, Women’s Safe Space, Children’s Library and activities.

What impact would I have?

You will be providing people with the support and recourses they need to move on in their own lives with dignity.

Who would I be working with?

You will be working alongside Project Managers, Coordinators, Cultural Mediators/Translators and a team of dedicated volunteers from all over the world.

Minimum Age

23 years


Priority will be given to long term volunteers/volunteers with specific language skills free of charge always upon availability.

Minimum time

2 months

Extra Costs

  • Transport to Thessaly
  • Basic living costs