Lao Friends Hospital for Children

LFHC provide free medical care for children and need all types of medical and healthcare volunteers.

Where is it

Luang Prabang, Laos.

What will I be doing?

The hospital currently runs outpatient, inpatient, emergency and operating departments with outreach services and a neonatal intensive care unit. The hospital’s central mission is to build local capacity, focusing on medical training, education, and mentorship. This team is seeking individuals who want to gain international clinical experience, lead medical education, and serve as mentors to hardworking and determined staff.

What impact would I have?

Lao Friends Hospital for Children provides free medical care to over 15,000 children annually. Children and families often travel long distances (up to 8 hours) to receive the medical care available at LFHC. Every child is treated with high-quality and compassionate medical care and their motto is “Treat every patient as if your own child.” The hospital relies heavily upon international volunteers to support its team of local staff in all areas.

Who would I be working with?

Hospital staff, children and their families.

Minimum Age

2 years experience in field.


LFHC assist with finding accommodation and partner with guesthouses that offer preferential rates from $180 per month upwards. Prices vary depending on season. A small monthly allowance can be provided to help cover some basic costs such as food and housing commitments of 2+ months.

Minimum time

1 month.

Extra Costs

Transport from the centre of town to the hospital.
Meals: $2 – $5 per meal.