Medical Volunteer International

MVI provides medical support to refugees across Greece for those who do not have access to medical care

Where is it?

Athens, Lesvos and Thessaloniki

Nearest airport

Athens, Thessaloniki, Mytiline

What will I be doing?

The main tasks at MVI include

  • wound management
  • minor surgeries
  • psychological support
  • health education
  • complex case management.

You may also be involved in emergency responses to outbreaks and making referrals to other services (e.g. more advanced medical services, legal services).

What impact would I have?

You’ll be part of a team of doctors and medical assistants providing primary health care to displaced people in camps and on the street, where Greek healthcare is unavailable.

Who would I be working with?

Patients will be residents from camps, visitors to social centres or refugees visiting the Car Park Clinic.

Minimum Age



MVI has a volunteer apartment in all of the three locations. They ask for a small contribution to the rent (depending on location and volunteer numbers between €4.00 and €10.00 per night).

Minimum time

1 week

Extra Costs