Team Kenya

Team Kenya work in a poor community in rural West Kenya. They need social workers, IT support, sport coaches and more.

Team Kenya are looking for volunteers between 24th October to 5th November

Where is it?

In West Kenya in a region called Ndhiwa – Homa Bay

What will I be doing?

There are a few programs to get involved in!

  • Sports coaching: You will be developing the quality of the sports coaching, assisting with planning and taking sessions.
  • Mentoring / ‘Women into enterprise’: You will be providing the girls with support and guidance in daily life with homework assistance and classes. You could also work within the ‘women into enterprise’ programme to offer guidance and support with their businesses.
  • IT training: Running IT sessions with teachers, students, and local community members.  
  • Qualified teachers: Teacher training.
  • Social workers: You will be developing the Girls Support Groups and working with the sports coaching programme to tackle gender-based violence. 
  • Agricultural experts: Delivering training to local women and help to design and implement plans for the agricultural demonstration site. 
  • Eco Tourism  / Business consulting: You will be working with staff identify new opportunities at our Eco Lodge and improve on existing practices and activities. 

What impact would I have?

Depending what program you will be getting involved in the impact you have will be huge. Creating more engaging sports sessings which will enable a larger reach to more young people. For the “Women into Enterprise”  program you will be providing women in the poorest communities with business training to increase there knowledge and income. IT, teaching, agricultural and business training will improve education in these  areas as a result will improve people in the communities lives into a sustainable future. 

Who would I be working with?

You will be working with the staff of the EcoLodge, Teachers and children at the school and the women of the village.

Minimum Age



Ecolodge £20 / day including three meals a day

4 weeks + £15 / day

Minimum time

1 week

Team Kenya are looking for volunteering between 15th to 28th October

Extra Costs

Kenyan VISA $50

Airport pick up 6,000 KES/person (£45)