The Lava Project

The Lava Project is a laundry project working for residents of Moria Camp, Lesvos.

Where is it?

Agios Yannis, near Moria Village Mytillini, Lesvos, Greece

Nearest airport

Mytilini Airport

About the project

The Lava Project was founded in June 2019 by volunteers to try to fill this gap in humanitarian aid. In this first phase of the project we concentrate on the most vulnerable people – single mothers with young babies, unaccompanied children, single women and medical cases. At the moment we are washing around 1400 bags of clothes a month. When we get to full capacity we will wash 3500-4000 bags a month. As well as volunteers we involve people from the camp in the daily work which helps their physical and mental health while they endure the long wait in Moria and the uncertainty of their futures.

What will I be doing?

You would be helping to run the laundry by loading and unloading vans, washing machines and dryers, folding and packing clothes and if you drive – driving their van into Moria camp if you are happy to do so.

What impact will I have?

The Lava Project serves the most vulnerable people in Moria camp and assists the medical clinics with treatment of scabies patients so you would be helping all these people.

Who would I be working with?

You would be working with two coordinators and six community volunteers plus international volunteers.

Minimum Age

18 years but 25 years to drive the van

Minimum time

7-10 days


The Lava Project will provide you with information on how to find your own accommodation.

Extra Costs

None apart from you own expenses. Transport to and from the project is provided and depending on the hours you choose to work you will have one or two meals a day provided.