Volunteering doesn’t have to be about jumping on a plane and living in a different country for months. In fact volunteers are needed everyday across the UK. This is why for the first time we are trialling a UK branch of Indigo! We aspire to ensure volunteering is accessible for anyone who wishes to take part, so why not start with your local community? Whether you have one day a year to spare or a couple of hours per week read below to find out how you can impact the community around you and inspire others to do the same.

How does it work? 

  1.  You will complete an online application form
  2.  You will then join our UK Volunteer Whatsapp group
  3.  We will notify you of any upcoming volunteer oppertunities and provide you with information to get involved

Next steps

If you are interested in volunteering in London or the UK simply complete our  application form and add yourself into our UK Volunteer group, stay tuned to find out the latest volunteer opportunites across London and the UK.