Northern Lights Aid


What Northern Lights Aid say about Indigo:

“For us at Northern Lights Aid, Indigo is one of our most important partners. Without them, we could not function, as most of our volunteers are sent to us by Indigo. They connect volunteers with organisations and also provide essential follow up on every placement, to ensure the positive experience and wellbeing of every party. Indigo has also introduced excellent standards of management of the situation in Greece, encouraging all NGOs to improve our quality of services. This is for the benefit of our volunteers and the people we serve. Their support, really is, invaluable!”



Northern Lights Aid is the only NGO working to support residents of the camp in Kavala, Northern Greece. Northern Lights Aid is currently focused on improving the standards of living and creating community projects. They work in collaboration with residents of the camps and the military to build sustainable community environments including schools, community cooking, gathering places and recreational areas. Every day people use the free shop for new clothes, shoes and other essential items.