Being a coordination charity, it can be difficult to define our full impact or gather clear statistics on the amount of aid and support provided as a result of our efforts.

What we do know is that Indigo helps hundreds of humanitarians find their way to the field each year. This means that dozens of projects can keep their programmes running and increase their activities. Whilst we do collect and share important statistics, our actual impact on the ground is best shown through the many stories that we receive from both volunteers and projects that we support.

These are stories about discovering incredible grassroots projects and making a difference in the field, about volunteers who come up with amazing new initiatives or solutions, about the joy of helping others together and connecting to people from across the globe. They touch on people’s personal journeys, on their passions and purposes, on choosing humanitarian careers and being inspired to create positive change in the world.

We are pleased to present to you Indigo’s first-ever impact report, outlining our main results from January to September 2019 and showcasing some of these stories from the people we work with.

A big thank you to Eric for putting this beautiful document together 🙂

Read our Impact Report here!