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The Human Hive

The best way to prepare for your volunteering experience with us is to take time to get some training before you leave. Indigo Volunteers has partnered with The Human Hive to provide both online and in person training which has been specifically designed for people supporting refugees in grass roots projects.

Human Hive founders Darren Abrahams and Kate McAllister started their own volunteer journeys in the Calais Jungle refugee camp converting a double decker bus into a mobile school and developing a unique education system marrying their complementary skills as a teacher (Kate) and trauma therapist (Darren) to address the incredibly diverse needs of the people they met there.

Darren and Kate have poured all their experience into created an online course “How To Make A Difference” to prepare you to be the most effective volunteer possible while also taking care of your own wellbeing.

The Human Hive have offered a £20 discount on the full price of £49.99 to all Indigo Volunteers subscribers and a further discount to their 3 day in person training on completion of the course. This training will give you tools to manage the trauma you may encounter in the people you work with, teach you how to use your skills effectively to include others in your activities and give you a supervised real world experience before you leave home. Visit humanhive.org for more information.

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The Skills Network

The Skills Network and Indigo Volunteering are currently working together to offer Learners access to qualifications via distance learning. All qualifications below are fully funded.

This opportunity provides access to interactive and engaging learning

content from The Skills Network, a company that has partnered with a number of leading awarding organisations, including NCFE, CACHE and TQUK, to develop outstanding learning resources that meet a diverse range of learning needs.

Learners can submit their answers online or via the answer booklets they provide. You will also have the support of a subject specialist tutor and a learner support advisor who will assist you with your learning and assessment questions.

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