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Indigo Update: COVID-19

Statement for Volunteers:
During this time we hope you are well, safe and healthy. In light of the recent uncertainty we are facing with COVID-19, we wanted to inform you of the steps we are taking to protect our volunteers.

As an organisation that connects projects and volunteers, we have a duty of care to the health of our volunteers, and a responsibility to limit the risk of the virus spreading.

To ensure that we can continue to support our partner charities working on the ground as safely and responsibly as possible, we have decided to not accept volunteer applications until further notice. This will allow us to focus our time on better understanding the risks faced by our partner charities and current volunteers on the ground and how we can best support them.

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Indigo directly connects volunteers with humanitarian projects.

People who want to volunteer often find it hard to decide where to go and how they can help. Indigo partners with over 50 grassroots charities that offer many different volunteer opportunities across the humanitarian spectrum. Based on their skills and preferences, as well as the latest needs in the field, we match volunteers to the right project.


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