What We Do

We are helping projects
Everything we do is focused on helping incredible projects grow. We are helping them gain access to the right volunteers and we ensure both the project and the volunteer have mutual goals and work together responsibly.

We have removed fees
Our model ensures no individual needs to pay an administration fee, allowing more people to volunteer.

We are inspiring and helping more people to volunteer
We believe it is our duty to help each other and with the right inspiration and tools, more people will volunteer.To achieve this we have developed four key platforms all of which work hand in hand to increase the supply of highly effective volunteers.

The Problems We Solve

1. Project cannot access the right volunteers
Many incredible projects are crying out for the support of skilled and educated volunteers, but cannot gain access to them for many reasons. Imagine a small project in the middle of Malawi, how would they advertise to volunteers, especially if they do not have regular Internet access!

2. Significant under supply of volunteers
Not enough people are inspired to volunteer or do not know how. The impact is many projects around the globe that need the support of volunteers, are not getting this critical human resource.

3. Barriers to volunteering
Those that are inspired to help, often don’t because of the barriers in their way. The most consistent of these barriers is the substantial administration fees charged by many volunteering companies.

4. Corruption
Unfortunately fees have created corruption. For example, UNICEF discovered 80% of orphans in Cambodia are not orphans. Corrupt companies in the knowledge that some volunteers will pay substantial fees to support, set up fake orphanages with children trafficked or bought to pose as orphans.

5. Irresponsible volunteering
Often volunteers through no fault of their own are sent to projects where their skill-set is not utilised or not required. In some cases, volunteers will act as free labour that sadly makes a local person unemployed. It is not responsible and not sustainable.


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